Friday, May 3, 2013


Well, I'm not doing a very great job at keeping up with everything, just cause there is so much going on all the time! So you'll notice I'm kinda trying to squish everything together, and my posting is a little sporadic. I'm working at least 40 hours a week, and playing every chance I get! So there seems to be more and more I need to post about and like no time to do that.. my life is so hard. ;)

Okay, meeting the characters is like one of the funnest things ever! When I'd go on trips to Disney though, there never seemed like enough time to do that, but since I'm basically on a 7 month vacation, there's a little more time to meet these new friends. :)

GOOFY! Seriously one of the funniest (I guess goofiest) characters I've met. He noticed Alex's Dolewhip shirt, and then motioned to him that he wanted to go get one, so he took off running. I understand though. Dolewhips are that delicious. :)
DONALD! As the Amazing Donaldo in Pete's Silly Side Show. He tried to hypnotize me, it didn't work. ;) 

MR. AND MRS. EASTER BUNNY! The easter bunny is real, I met him at Magic Kingdom!
WRECK IT RALPH and VANELLOPE! They were totes adorbs. :)
CHIP and DALE! They gave great hugs :)

AURORA! Yes she's my least favorite princess.. but there was no line, so I figured, why not?

AURORA (again) but this time with PRINCE PHILIP! For true love week (the week of Valentines day) all the princes came out with the princesses!

RAPUNZEL and FLYNN! His smolder was amazing!
RAPUNZEL!  You probably can't tell, but if you look real close you can see her. That's what happens when Mormons take over MK ;)
CINDERELLA! One of the boys proposed to her.. she said no. Keep trying buddy ;)

TINKERBELL and FAWN! My Froland friend Brandy and I are OBSESSED with the fairies (notice brandy's amazing tink shoes). Tink was seriously so nice and signed our autograph books even though she wasn't supposed to, and Fawn kept telling us hilarious jokes. this is why I love the fairies :)

VIDIA and TERRENCE! In Fantasyland, they give you can get pixie dusted, which is basically them covering you with glitter. So of course I absolutely love it! So when Terrence saw this he said I must be a Pixie Dust Keeper just like him, I said I was. Then he said we should be best friends. So everybody. me and Terrence are best friends. never forget it. ;)

GASTON!!  Okay, I loved him! ..almost as much as he loved himself. ;)

MERIDA! She said we had the same color of hair, only I must have gotten around to brushing mine since it was a little less crazy. haha!

And of course, my favorite character of all time ARIEL!!! (who I have now met four times. no shame)
"Your a ginger just like me! Are you a mermaid too? cause then we would be like twins!"
Mermaid pose!
"On the count of three say Guppy!" Ariel was definitely extra magical this day :)