Friday, November 1, 2013

See Ya Real Soon! (Part 2)

Ugh.. goodness these posts are difficult to write. BUT I MUST! So next, I'll talk about my last days in my beloved home of Frontierland! With it being the peak season, things were kind of nuts. The last few weeks were some of the hardest, just because dealing with hot, grumpy guests isn't the most fun thing in the world. Then on top of that there were more goodbyes that had to be done. But believe me, the goods of my job definitely out weighed the bad. I don't think there was a better group of cast members than in my little Froland. I'm so grateful I was in a role where I could be able to socialize and get to know such great people so well, and work with many of them for 5-8 months!

Saying goodbye to my international friend!
Pau (spain), Me, Galen, Sian (England), Cicy (China), Raphael (France)

I was super lucky my last few days to work stock with this cool kid.
And crazy fun and insanity ensued. Pargo trips to Main Street,
watching my last parades and Fireworks, heated arguments
about the princesses, etc. haha! Miss you Galen!!
The ceremonial last ride-through of Splash Mountain! 

My very last day was made extra magical by all my wonderful fellow cast-members and managers. I was given an awesome picture collage of all my adventures in Frontierland and lots of hugs, and the most magical part of the night was when my BFFF (best froland friend forever) Brandy took me away from my position real quick and let me watch 'Wishes!' for my very last time! Up until the very last second those wonderful Castmembers were still making magic for me!
As the night came to an end we all gathered around the Trading Post took pictures, gave our final goodbyes and I cried the entire way to the bus.

So a few days before I left, Jess and I made plans to have our last roomie day! All I wanted was to do one last character breakfast, so we headed on over to 1900 Park Fair, the same place I had my first character meal. :)

The final Princess Pose!

Mickey Waffles dipped in Strawberry soup is one of the greatest things on the planet!

Winnie the Pooh!

And Tigger Too!!

Cutest Alice! and she said we looked like twins like Tweedle-Dee
and Tweedle-Dum, haha! Day made.

Mary Poppins! I want her dress!
This next Character was the funniest I think I have ever met! It was the Mad Hatter from Alice and Wonderland. We were watching him interact with the other tables and thought he was the wittiest character ever! he then came over to our table and asked how we knew each other, we told him we were roommates but only for two more days then he said "ONLY TWO MORE DAYS?!?!" He then ran to the couples table next to ours and yelled "DID YOU HEAR THAT?? THEY'RE ONLY ROOMATES FOR TWO MORE DAYS!!!" (then the best part) He then ran to the Carousal horse next to our table and while hugging his leg exclaimed "MR. PONY!!! DONT YOU UNDERSTAND THE TRADGEDY!?!?! ONLY TWO MORE DAYS!!!!
We were seriously dying of laughter! We didn't stop quoting him the entire day. It was sooooo great! :D

This is Mr. Pony. :)
"Were all mad here!"
After our amazing character breakfast, we headed on over to Magic Kingdom for one last famous Lindsay and Jess character hunt. 

First time meeting Daisy! Think Beyonce in Duck form.
Miss Minnie! 

The very last characters of my college program! This was so special!
Somewhat unrelated note: my friend Rachel and I started this journey
together at auditions back in Utah. She's good friends with Jasmine,
So I know she'd appreciate knowing that this last
character moment was so incredibly amazing to me. :) 
One last picture with my beautiful castle. :)
The last day was extremely bitter sweet I got to spend it with my two favorite roomies. (the other three left the day before) Sammie Jo then had to leave to go back to South Carolina. We hugged and exchanged gifts. She was such an amazing, fun, kind, thoughtful, considerate roommate and friend. I've told her all my future roommates are going to have a tough time measuring up to her. 
Then it was just me and Jess just packing and jammin out to Disney Music like we do. :) Then it was time for me to get to the airport to catch my flight. Jess was kind enough to take me, and as we were driving away from Patterson Court it was raining, it was quite the Parent Trap moment. haha! The whole way there we had a sing along to Disney Mania and A*Teens. We then got to the Orlando Airport, gave each other hugs and I headed to my gate.
I did stop at the airport Disney first though, with tears in my eyes and asked the castmember there if it happens a lot where Disney College Program kids stop by on their way home. He said "oh yeah, Ive had to talk plenty of them in actually getting on their plane, they just want to stay here forever!" That's definitely where I was at. I did however board my plane. I was also very excited when I could see mountains outside, and knew I was home. :)

Just a few last words about my college program. My entire life I wanted so badly to work for Disney, and for that to actually happen was nothing short of a dream come true. I knew it would be a lot of fun, but never could I have imagined how much it taught me. 
I have become a much braver and more confident person. 
I've learned how important it is to always chase your dreams and work hard for the things that you want. 
I learned further how important it is to be a good friend and to make good friends, they'll be your family while your away from home. 
I know now how important patience is with both yourself and others, and to be kind no matter the circumstances. Your own happiness isn't up to others, it's a choice.  
I was also able to be closer to my heavenly father and develop a stronger testimony being out on my own and making my own decisions.

Thank you guys for joining me in this journey! I suppose now it's time to post about my life back in the real world now isn't it?