Monday, April 22, 2013

Feeling Blessed

It's just one of those days where i'm feeling grateful for what I have. I seriously don't know how I'd survive here if it wasn't for my lovely ward. I love that no matter where I go I know that there is a huge support system in the church. I've met some amazing people that are such great examples to me, I've had some awesome missionary experiences and great direction in how to go about sharing the gospel, and I've also had so much fun going to activities with all my new friends in the ward. All this, and I've only been here 3 months! It's definitely been a much needed light in my life.

Last week, my bestie from the ward Alex A. and I had the opportunity (trying to look at it positively)  to talk in church. Definitely not my favorite thing in the world, and I've only ever talked as a youth speaker so were talking like 3 minute talks, but I survived and took up like 10 whole minutes! ;) haha!
We were asked to speak on our favorite talks from General Conference. Alex chose to speak on President Uchtdorf's talk "The Hope of God's Light". and I chose Elder Neil L. Anderson's talk "It's a Miracle". I talked about a few of my missionary experiences, the importance of sharing the gospel with others, and praying for experiences to share.

Of course we don't really do things without taking pics. So please enjoy these Before and Afters of our talks. :)
BEFORE giving our talks.
AFTER giving our talks
..AND how it felt DURING our talks. WHY!?! ;

So missionary work has obviously been kind of a theme in my life lately. I've definitely just felt the happiness that the gospel and just doing the right thing can give you, and I've wanted to share that with everyone! So proud of so many kids my age deciding to go out and serve the lord and teach others so that they could have that same happiness. Including my best friends Lucy (now in the MTC) and Amy (leaving for the L.A. visitors center in June), and my beautiful little sister who is going to start her papers super soon! Just want to thank them and all my other friends who are such great examples to me! Seriously how did I get so lucky to have such amazing friends?? Love you all! <3

Friday, April 5, 2013

Food, Friends, and Fun! (but mostly food)

Disney is famous for many things, but none quite as delicious as their amazing food! Since I'm working here I figured many guests would have questions about the many dining options here at Disney, so I took it upon myself to try out many of the different restaurants, simply for "product testing" purposes of course. ;)
I was also blessed with an amazing roommate that has pretty much eaten at every restaurant here multiple times, and has a gift for finding awesome reservations for really cool restaurants. Thank you Jess!

So one night we were bored and hungry and wanted to go do something, So Jess says lets go to 1900 Park Fair. Had no idea what that was but I was up for anything. So we pull up to the Grand Floridian (the nicest resort ever!) and I find out the restaurant is a Character Dining with all the characters from Cinderella! it was kind of the coolest thing ever!
Cinderella's probably the character I've met most often for some odd reason, I don't even like her that much. But this night she was so bubbly and amazing, definitely the best i've seen her. :)
Prince Charming! not my fav of the night, but he told us all about his sword fighting techniques and how they are different than Prince Phillips. haha!
Anastasia! She was HILARIOUS! She may be a wicked step sister, but you can't help but love her! she was saying how there are no princes in this kingdom for her, and that she wants to visit somewhere else, but her mother wont allow it.
Druzella! Really this picture just explains it all, she had quite the attitude. it was great :)
Lady Tremaine. Tried out our best evil glares. I think I've got it down. watch out. ;)
Welcome to the Grand Floridian! (my future home, i'm sure.) 
Me, Mark, Jess, Sammie Jo. Livin it up at the Grand Flo :)

Other table service restaurants I've been to so far? 

Chefs De France in EPCOT with my friend Russell. I had the Quiche (which is nothing like my mom makes.. its all egg. I hate egg. bleh!) But I choked it down, and lived. The coolest part of the resturant though was the fact that we got to meet the chef, Remy! 
On February 14th, My friend Rachel and I finally were able to hangout and we thought, nothing says Valentines Day like Dinosaurs, so we headed over to T-Rex in Downtown disney and celebrated single awareness day. :) It was the coolest We got the appetizer sampler for lunch and it was delicious!

And since Valentines just would not be the same without chocolate we got this crazy dessert called the Chocolate Extinction. Chocolate cake, vanilla icecream, topped with butterfinger, all surrounding a mini volcano. it was pretty epic :)
Best treats ever??
Nutella Waffle Sandwich!! Once upon a time, Mark, Jess, a few of her friends, and I were walking by Sleepy Hollow Refreshments and a castmember said if we could name all the princesses they'd give us one for free. All my training had prepared me for this moment. No one has ever named the princesses faster than I did right then. I love nutella that much. And it was basically love at first bite :)
Dolewhip! Basically pineapple softserve in pineapple juice, they've got an orange one too that's also amazing! They've got these delicious things in both Aloha Isle in Adventureland, and a self serve one at the Polynesian resort. I've already had like 5 in the 2 months i've been here. Your life isn't complete without a dolewhip.

So.. while were on the subject of food, lets just see how many photos have been taken of me holding food.. Notice how in most of them i'm holding something in each hand. There's this thing called the CP 15 (like the freshman 15, only for college program people) yeah. I'm gettin there. ;)
S'mores! and Sammie Jo :)
Every week at FHE they have donuts. And every week this is what happens.
Churros! The guy at the churro stand broke the first one so he decided to give me a new one, but gave me both. It was a good day :)