Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Magical Month of May

Holy cow! Life is just going by sooooo fast! My program ends in like two months! There definitely is never a dull moment, it's just finding the time to write about it that's tricky. But here's just some highlights from the last month. You'll laugh, you'll cry.. but mostly just laugh. Probably at me, that's okay too.
  • First off, My bestie moved to my complex just two buildings away! This has resulted in a few sleepovers, many awesome late night chats, and countless selfies.
Behold the Ugly cry

...I have no idea.

Maybe we should get one normal smiling one?

  • Worked 40-60 hours every week, this includes my 3pm-3am shift on 24 hour day. Cray cray!
A few fantastic Fro-land Friends!

Sometimes guests just want pictures with me. ;)

Duffy and I, Pin trading.

  • I turned 21! Spent the entire day at EPCOT and Magic Kingdom, meeting princesses, riding rides, eating food, having a blast. The Usual.
Princess hunting happened


Mary Poppins! Practically perfect in every way.
Belle is also on my shirt, So obviously we had to
eat in France for lunch!

It seemed smart to go on Splash Mountain..
till we got SOAKED!

Headed into "Be Our Guest" Restaurant,
with Lumiere's cousin in hand. :)
Had Cornish Hen, and the Grey Stuff.
It was delicious! 

Met the Beast!

 Got matching Ariel Jackets...

...So obviously we HAD to show Ariel!!

  • I got famous! (yep, check out 0:26) ;)

  • Said goodbye to a lot of good friends :(

Froland bonding time at Steak n Shake.

Parker, my favorite Thai friend.
And the other Lindsay Ann, my blond twin.

This is our "how did this car fit 6 people" faces.

  • Went hot tubing
All the cool kids do it this way.
  • More Character hunting with one of my favorite fellow Fro-landers
The 3D glasses were pink. We got excited.

Lightning and Mater! 

Mike and Sulley!
Phineas and Ferb!

  • Had a photo shoot with my favorite mermaid

"Hands on fins!"

Mermaid arms!

Dinglehoppers! they really work!

Dinglehoppers are very fascinating things!
  • Play day in Animal Kingdom!
Have I gotten sick of the parks yet, you ask? Not a bit. :)

Obviously were spanish Dancers!

Finding Nemo the Musical. Life changing!
Also its necessary to take a fishy face photo before the show.

  •  Finally went shopping!

And even though it wasn't at Disney World,
almost everything I bought still had Ariel on it.
I am not ashamed.

  • Ate lots of food..
Cupcakes with princess rings? yes please.
Jess and I had a tough week, so we justified
Ice Cream. :)

  • ..but also started going to the gym daily
We don't left weights, we lift each other.
So that was my life this past month! (well, May mostly.. I'll get to June probably at the end of July. haha!) Also Thanks to all my friends and Family who read this! Love you all! Also I'll be seeing a lot of you very soon!!! yay!!