Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Summer Time!

What time is it? Summer time! (well it was like a month ago..) So I'm gonna tell you about Summer time in DISNEY!!!! YAY!!
So as soon as my family left things started getting real. Like it kinda started to feel like it was going to be over soon. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO END?!?!? So I started living it up! Like even more than I already was. And Guys. This was probably the best summer in the history of summers! Yes I still worked like a whole lot, and it was hotter than any place should be ever. But omy goodness was it fun! 

I hadn't hung out with Jess as much as I had wanted to during the program, so we definitely had to change that, and in mid-June we had a wonderful girls day in MK.
You can't really tell, but it pretty much
hurricaned on us that day. still magical.

Beasts first Ride on Splash Mountain. A very big Moment.

 Summer in Florida wouldn't be complete without a beach day. So that's exactly what my besties and I did. YOLO TO COCOA!!!!
We both brought Ariel Towels. This is why were friends.

FUN FACT! I don't know how to swim. We discovered this further
that day. Getting pushed over by waves and what not.
Longingly looking at the ocean.
Wishing we were Mermaids.

Oh wait!! I am a Mermaid!

Remember that time we lived an hour away from
the beach? What a lovely time that was. :)

Oh yes! and who could forget all those many wonderful character hunting days? Seriously my favorite days ever! 

Introducing Jess to my favorite mermaid.
The occasion called for both of us to wear mermaid shirts. Obviously.
Dr. Facilier and Louis! 
Meeting my Splash Mountain crew!
Up top Br'er Fox!
Br'er Rabbit loves me.
Chip and Dale. Alex and Linds. Classic BFF's.
The boss man! er...mouse! :)
FUN FACT! One of my first/favorite memories
at Disney was when I met Pluto for the first time
when I was 5. He licked my face, and I thought it was
the funniest thing ever! Good memories with this puppy. :)

Minnie Mouse! such a classy little lady.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates!

This day we were supposed to be meeting a bunch
of characters, but it started POURING so we
got stuck inside the Morocco Pavilion...
...So we just met each other.
Then eventually Aladdin and Jasmine came around and wanted to meet us too.
Mary Poppins: shall we take a picture?
Us: yes! we'll just set down our autograph books real quick.
Mary: oh yes, books do have the tendency not to smile in pictures.

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too!!
Duffy bear! His face is a hidden mickey! MAGICAL!!
The ever so lovely Belle!
FUN FACT! Belle is most definitely my
second favorite Princess.
Belle and I are like BFF's, like she invited me to the castle and everything.

Oh yes and then there was that one day that was probably the most magical day of all time. Ever. 
It started out as just a regular amazing Character Hunting Day.
We started our day in EPCOT where we met
this lovely fellow.
FUN FACT! I hate Alice in Wonderland the
movie, both versions. But Alice herself
is one of my fav characters ever!
Donald! 3 Caballeros style.
Don't mess!!
Ralph and Vanellope!
Aurora! ..actually my least fav princess.. but she's
gorgeous so i guess she's got that going for her.

Tiana and Naveen! They were so sassy and fun! Like I wanna be
Tiana. That would work right?
That same day we got reservations for the Crystal Palace, and I got to meet all my pals from the Hundred Acre Wood!
Kisses for Pooh Bear!!

FUN FACT! One summer I watched the original
Winnie the Pooh 17 times. I seriously love these
guys soooooo much!!


 And then the most magical thing ever happened. Jess and I were riding the little mermaid ride when we got a personal invite from the Mermaid herself to come and visit with her in Cinderella's Castle! I had never been in the Castle before so as you could imagine it was as if I was 5 years old again. It was so beautiful!! And Ariel was just wonderful as usual. After meeting with the mermaid Wishes had just started and we were able to watch it underneath the castle with Cinderella! like who does that!? We then finished off the night watching the "Celebrate the Magic", while eating Dolewhips. In that moment my life was just perfect. You just really never grow out of that giddy magical feeling you get when your at Disney! I just want to thank all the other castmembers out there that made magic for me, this day and all the other amazing days I had on my program. They definitely helped make one (not so) little girl's dreams come true! (and I'm literally crying while writing this. ITS FINE.)

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